11.12.2014 | Issue #4

Talia Baiocchi is the editor-in-chief of Punch magazine, and October saw the release of her first book, Sherry: The Wine World's Best-Kept Secret. 

She is crazy busy, because everyone is so jazzed that someone is finally giving sherry the badass validation it deserves. {Ed. note: Not that sherry hasn't always been badass! Flor is some freak-of-nature level awesome stuff. No hard feelings, sherry.}  So, when given the chance to steal a few minutes as she boarded planes and talked into radio waves, we panicked and asked the first 20 questions that came to mind. Turns out, they cover the best aspects of life: good salad dressing, swearing, and of course, booze. 



Wine. (I drink broadly, but sherry, chablis, beaujolais, loire cab franc are always in heaviest rotation).

The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt. 

The lottery. I'm gonna win the lottery this month. 

My cousin's signature oil, lemon, mustard, herbs, garlic set up. It really needs a name. Jacque's Vinaigrette Deluxe (see above).

Anything that comes in an envelope with a tiny plastic window revealing my address. 


Um, the writing part. 

I like 'em all. I just turned 30 and I figured I'd grow up and stop swearing so much. But then I realized I'd be forfeiting 50% of my fucking vocabulary. 


Threw up, naturally. And for my first hangover, I had to pretend I wasn't hungover in front of two-dozen family members and family friends, which, it turns out, was pretty accurate foreshadowing of my adult life.

Depends on the bar. A dive bar must be judged by its bathroom. If you don't feel as though it's absolutely imperative that you avoid contact with all surfaces in the general vicinity of the bathroom, you're in the wrong place. 


Probably upwards of 500.


I'd probably Instagram it. Let's be honest. 

A professional tennis player. 


Also tears. And kombucha. Or a cocktail made with tears and kombucha (and gin). 

That I am never on time (which is, I think, their way of saying I'm too awesome to be on time?).

Oh, god. I can't even look at it anymore. 

What her father always told her: Don't worry because nothing's gonna be OK. Too depressing? She also always told me to shower. This remains good advice.