Chef Duncan Holmes is doing what most of us say we want to do when we're having a rough day at the office: wandering around the world, drinking his face off, and working whatever gigs come our way, like a magical culinary nomad. 

We follow the conception of one new dish as it makes it way onto Chef Michael Scelfo's menu. From paper, to plate, to your pie-hole. 


Your server pontificates on the wonderfully strange familial bonds that occur in a restaurant.



An L.A. couple turns kitchen waste into stuff you want to rub all over your bod. 

This week on Hash, we hear from two chefs on the mighty shortage of good cooks. Who's to blame? Tell us what you think.


Tony Messina is an Italian kid who grew up into a sashimi chef—the kind who introduces your jaw to the floor. Here's what he's into lately.