© Huge Galdones

© Huge Galdones

 Hapa Ramen's resident spitfire Melissa Phillips breaks down the ten coolest things on her radar

 "You get to play with the exhibits while drinking alcohol...need I say more?"

 "Looks like a regular green grape but tastes like cotton candy when you eat them. Mind. Blown."

"They have a great app with restaurant recommendations from actual chefs, not wannabe food critics like Yelp. They're also doing some fun videos and just sponsored one of the wildest stages at Outside Lands this year."

"Really in love with this new artist. His voice is amazing...so soulful. Kinda makes me wanna take my clothes off..."

"One of the best sushi restaurants in town! I would eat here everyday, if only I could afford to."

"Not only a great spot for some pretty spectacular knives but Galen also has spoons, tweezers, palette knives and custom knife bags. Perfect spot to geek out."


"I got him as a rescue two months ago and I'm totally smitten. He's got some trust issues with strangers, but who doesn't?!"


"I've been a bookworm my whole life and I feel lucky to live in a city with such an incredible library. I could spend a whole day here."

"I know, I know...shameless plug for my own job. But seriously, we've all been working really hard and couldn't be more excited about the restaurant finally opening." 


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