top ten

10.15.2014 | Issue #2

"A gift from my general manager, Ben Hickerson, for helping open Olamaie this August. It has some sexy buffalo horn detailing, and a knife that actually cuts through foil."

"A restaurant opening gift from my girlfriend, Samantha.  Rose gold casing, brown leather strap, and sapphire crystal glass. Boom."

"A little something to hold me over until Radiohead drops their next album."

"Had the chance to meet Allan Benton when I was working in TN a couple of years ago, and instantly fell in love with its true smokiness.  Now I order it online, four pounds at a time."

"Helping open a restaurant doesn’t leave you with the most time to cook.  On a Sunday off, when I want to whip up a 16 oz. ribeye with Bordelaise from scratch, it only takes a couple hours instead of all day."

"My girlfriend and I are spending Christmas in Tucson, AZ, where our parents are meeting each other for the first time (woah!).  After that we’re ringing in the new year with dinner at Quince!"

"We pour the 2013 Broc Valdiguie by the glass at Olamaie.  It’s made in the style of Beaujolais (carbonic maceration), so its ever-so-slightly funky, strawberry-ness is perfect for Austin’s 90 degree 'Autumn.'"

"No doubt, the best pizza in TX.  Steven Dilley and Kevin Garett work magic with fire, dough, and a killer, super nerdy wine list."

"We use this in our 'Southern Bay' cocktail with St. George Terroir Gin and Dolin Dry Vermouth.  Fall spice meets California bay laurel in Martini form."


"You really have to embrace the bow tie when working in a modern Southern restaurant."

Follow Olamaie and Carson as they take on the Austin restaurant scene, one skillet of kickass cornbread at a time.