reincarnation, not death

Cassandra Landry | 6.30.15 

There is nothing more life-affirming than finding your posse, amirite?  

That kind of validation of a deeply-held passion (for something, anything!) is rare enough in real life, but among the current food media landscape? Eesh. You may have noticed little murmurings over the past week, so here's the lowdown: we found ours. From this moment on, MISE as you've come to know it here will cease publication. But the content and passion and scrappy attack on the status quo that filled the past eighteen issues will live on at ChefsFeed

ChefsFeed began as an insider's look into the best of this industry, as determined by those who live and breathe it every day: chefs. They share our predilection for badassness—for content that rises above all the clickbait bullshit, and for highlighting the brilliance within the food world—so it was probably inevitable that we would begin to eye each other like shrewd kids picking teams for a hardcore game of dodgeball. Dodgeball being killer content. It's a metaphor! You've heard us preach it before: we want to create something for the industry, not simply about them, and the folks at ChefsFeed not only feel the same way, but act on it. Ferociously. Exhibit A:

You get the picture. They love it. We love it. It makes sense. 

So, we are pumped for this, because it means pushing that vision—the vision that you have supported even when we were a tiny little speck in the Internetz—to the next step. You better believe we're ready to open the goddamn throttle, and this time we've got some big guns behind us.  

I'll be spearheading editorial content that reflects the same values that MISE has always held, just from a different desk, with a different banner. If anything about the content we've done here has resonated with you, I hope you'll stick with us in our new incarnation. 


Onwards and upwards! 


Your fearless leader, 


Cassandra Landry, Founder

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