top ten

10.29.2014 | Issue #3


"I just got a Black Bizen Smoker Pot with a Net & Starter Cherry Chip Bag from Korin. It’s great for smoking anything tableside."


"Every single one of Minus8’s products is fantastic. They all have residual sugar so none of them are overpowering. I’m using their Riesling vinegar a lot now, but I’m super psyched to try out their maple and beer vinegars too."


"I was recently gifted a Kiritsuke, a Japanese knife that was made with ginsan-ko steel—stainless carbon."


"They’re served with popcorn, shishito peppers, and maple syrup. Addictive."


"I rarely get days off but when I do, it’s a Sunday. It’s the only time I actually get to catch a glimpse of my girlfriend."


"I have a weird addiction to apples. They’re easily my favorite fruit. Rose apples have a reddish flesh that makes them great for garnishing or processing into something that you’d want a little color with."


"I’m loving these coats right now, especially because of the grommets."


"Bluntroll Aprons are silly expensive but they are the nicest aprons out there right now. They pretty much feel indestructible."


"At Uni, I source urchin from all over the world, but the urchin from Maine is my favorite. The cold weather brings them around, and I have a blast processing them in every way imaginable."


"We’ve been getting really busy at Uni lately. REALLY BUSY. My crew has been getting it done since I started but lately they’ve notched it up a few levels. Really impressive to see the team grow and mature. It makes me feel like a proud parent."

See Tony in action at Uni's sushi counter whether you splurge on an omakase menu, or are just in the mood for late-night ramen.