Photo by Tara Morris

Photo by Tara Morris

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11.26.2015 | Issue #5

 "I love listening to old school hip hop or 80's jams in the kitchen, but during those early mornings in the shop by myself, I stream NPR and I can't stop listening to Serial."

"Dave Chang and Booker and Dax geniuses have made one of the coolest and most coveted kitchen toys in most recent years.  So much control, so soigné." 

"They are like candy, and not like any citrus you have ever had."

"I drink more gin and tonics than I should, and this makes that even more of a problem…because it's so goddamned delicious."

 "I think coconut water tastes like drinking a beach volleyball player's sweat.  Maple water is like drinking a Canadian angel's tears."

                                  © 2014 Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin

                                  © 2014 Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin


"They are so fancy and clean and I am obsessed.  They keep your mise wicked organized and make the kitchen pass look sexy."

 "I use these exclusively in the kitchen. We also cure the yolks, which are almost orange in color."

                            "Because a chef can only drink so much Fernet."

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