Top Ten—Erin Eastland

5.1.15 | Issue #16

Erin eastland is in seriously good shape, you guys.

Yes, that may be from hauling wood-fired pizzas and generally crushing it in the kitchen of Santa Monica's Milo & Olive, but it's also because she's a monster long-distance runner and yogi. 
Though she likely contains more discipline than the entirety of the MISE team, she does know the value of a good guilty pleasure—and makes time for them both.


This show is so well done and I love Coach Taylor.
"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."
More of this would be better for me.


I didn't eat eggs as a kid cause I thought they were gross. I am making up for that now and I want poached eggs on farro everyday...forever.


I go at least 3 times a week and it keeps me sane and balanced. Everyone should do this.


I can't get enough and I will always opt for the handmade pastas on any menu. Big moment for me was when my daughter asked if we could make homemade fettucini alfredo for her birthday party sleepover. Yes, yes we can.


Popcorn, remote controlled recliner, assigned seats, paperless tickets, beer...yes please.


We have been playing this at the restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights, after the little ones are gone. It's REALLY fun.
Great vibe and customers and staff can often be seen
dancing and mouthing hilarious lyrics. 


I have been really into running for the last 10 years. I couldn't do the LA marathon this year due to a pulled hamstring, so I'm just getting back into long distance and trail running. 

You know you're into it. 

You know you're into it. 


I listen to the entire series over and over on my longer runs. Sometimes throwing in some "This American Life" to mix it up. But mostly, I love listening to Jim Dale bring the characters of Harry Potter to life and losing myself in the wizarding world.


My husband and I watch this together on the rare nights we get to eat and hang out for the evening. It's one of my favorite hours of the week.


This is my day with my husband and kids, and we always have some sort of adventure with just the four of us. It is the most important day of the week for me and I treasure every minute.