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2.4.2015 | Issue #10

The former investment banker turned owner and wine director of Cambridge, Mass.'s The Blue Room, Central Bottle, and Belly Wine Bar shares her top picks in awesomeness.


"In a matter of hours I have built a star ship or an aircraft hangar for a jedi interceptor and my son thinks I’m the coolest thing going."

"It’s the most un-fucking-believably good milk chocolate ever. It’s outside-of-the-box thinking, yet makes perfect sense."


"I don’t sell Chilean wine, I don’t like Chilean wine, but I’ll be damned if this French kid isn’t making some damn fine Chilean wine.
Holy shit."

"Yup, I have a pair and it’s not ‘cause I’m cool. I’m cold. Gray + black only. Nothing crazy."

"I’d be dead already if it weren’t for the auto retraction (I’m Italian and I talk with my hands… it’s a problem)."

The author's parents

The author's parents

"My father grew up there. My mom moved there. They're no longer with me, but I can go there and we coexist."

"Talk about old school! 1 liter of organic, well made, delicious chianti in a fantastically traditional bottle from one of my favorite producers."

"I want to go to there. My weekly escape—I can read for 5 minutes, or go to the bathroom and read for 10?"

"If the wine trade has a new shiny tool, this is it.  Rocking my neurotic, list-making, PDF-producing world."

"They may or may not know each other, but they're changing California wine for the better."