Photo courtesy of Debora Smail

Photo courtesy of Debora Smail


Top ten

Monica Pope, of Sparrow Bar

3.5.2015 | Issue #12

Anybody who likes food-flavored things in Houston, TX (read: uh, everybody) knows about
Monica Pope, the powerhouse chef behind the "eat where your food lives" credo.
Here's what she's into, besides feeding you crazy good grub.


"Chop or cheese blocks and rolling pins. He's local and elusive and his work is beautiful."


"Awesome new young talented artisan working in clay and back in Houston."

"So many vintage finds from Uncommon Objects in Austin like a collection of indigo;
Turkish Butter lamps; old, black sexy science posters and school flash cards....great color story for my new CookShop."

"Eli, in NYC, has been setting me up for 15 years with his smallest European men's Italian shoes...
just got some awesome more boots I didn't need but couldn't not get."

"Where both my wife and I can both my two new sweat pants...Jacquard and cashmere!!"

"...and extruder. It's got to be better than the old school crank models rusting in my storage closet upstairs."

"I love this new wine on our list: Tramin Chardonnay from the Alto Adige."

"The explosion of new local/Houston/Texas micro Lone Pint Yellow Rose IPA, & 
Oasis Texas Brewing Co.'s Slow Ride Pale Ale: the best new beer in Austin 2014."

"Layla's grass-fed, lightly sea-salted butter....called Yellow Brick because it's bright yellow and shaped like a brick. 
I put it in my Katz Coffee micro lot, pour-over style—buy it from Houston Dairymaids."

"My favorite seasonal salad right now is a riff on the classic French thing: butter, radish, salt. Veldhuizen's Caraway to Heaven cheese, Animal Farm's watermelon radishes, Oak Hollow's sprouted sprouts (especially radish sprouts and sunflower sprouts), and Renaissance Heritage Chicken's organic duck and chicken egg yolks, cured in black & pink pepper and local Haak madeira. Veldhuizen also does a Cumin gouda that's good with this salad too, and Houston Dairymaids represents about 20 wonderful other Texas Cheesemakers too.

You know you wanna: Sparrow Bar + Cookshop.