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Omar Pereney of Peska Seafood Culture

2.18.2015 | Issue #11

Omar Pereney is Executive Chef of Houston's forthcoming Peska Seafood Culture. If he looks young, it's because he is: the Venezuelan wunderkind is 20. He began cooking in professional kitchens at the ripe old age of 12, appearing on television at 15, and teaching at 18. Somebody kindly remind us what the fuck we were doing at that age? It doesn't matter, whatever it was, because hustle knows no number.
Here's what he's into. 


"A beautiful home to an incredible variety of seafood."

"He delivers my perfect beat for prep."

"Gloria and I can be a little misunderstood..."

"Nothing scoops it for making great gelato."

"The perfect complement to both surf and turf."

"Keeps my glasses clean and clear."

"Can’t wait until it says 21..."

"Ultra light and durable—a perfect match for the kitchen."

"The rib eye of the sea, thanks to all that wonderful fat."


"The Rolls Royce of kitchen wear."


Pereney moved from Mexico City to take this new gig at Peska, opening its doors in March. Houstonians, get pumped.